League Rules


1. General Rules

1.1 – Relevancy: All rules apply to all Total Impact Racing organised events unless specifically stated otherwise.

1.2 – Facebook: All drivers must be part of the Total Impact Racing Facebook group to race in the main divisions of TIR unless driving for other leagues in ‘Special Events’.

1.3 – Availability: Please ensure you are available for the division(s) you have been assigned into and update TIR admins if your availability changes. This ensures the league flows and replacement drivers or driver changes can happen seamlessly.

1.4 – Driver Impersonation: Any person(s) that is found to have been driving for another driver will result in instant removal from the league.

1.5 Removal from the League: Removal of a driver from Total Impact Racing can happen if any driver/member is seen breaking rules and/or disrespecting other members in-game/steam chat/Facebook.

2. Driver Etiquette

2.1 – Clean Racing: Battling other drivers for positions is what we like to see but please ensure you have a good driver etiquette when conducting overtakes or being over-taking. Racing incidents will happen but if stewards deem a driver to be at fault you will be penalised.

2.2 – Track Limits: Even though track limits in-game can be harsh please try your hardest to keep within these limits as unfortunately stewards cannot take away in-game penalties.

2.3 – Aggressiveness: Please do not be too aggressive when going for overtakes. Being a chasing car, it is commonly your responsibility not to make contact with the car ahead. Patience is key.

2.4 – Defending: Do not force another car off track. Be aware of your surroundings and where other drivers are and when taking your defensive line going into a corner excessive weaving or line changes will be penalised by the stewards. Brake checking drivers behind you is also considered dangerous and aggressive.

2.5 – Corner Cutting: Corner cutting is prohibited and any position gained needs to be given back. The game will give you penalties so don’t be foolish and respect track limits.

2.6 – Being Lapped: Under blue flag conditions please find the time and space to let faster drivers through. Holding up or distracting other drivers is not good driver etiquette and stewards will take action.

2.7 – Causing Safety Cars: Intentionally causing a safety car during a race is frowned upon and will be penalised by stewards.

2.8 – Qualifying: Do not cut sections of the track to save time. It is your responsibility to find free space on the track when starting your flying lap. When on your in/out lap please stay off the driving line allowing hot lap drivers to complete their lap. Do not retire on track, please return to the pits and do it there. If serving a qualifying ban please adhere to this otherwise action will be taken by the stewards.

2.9 – Returning to Track: When returning to track following an incident it is your responsibility to find the appropriate space and time to re-join. Please be aware of other drivers.

2.10 – Resetting to Track: Pressing start and resetting to track is forbidden and action will be taking if a driver is deemed to do so. It is not only cheating but also can be distracting for other drivers around you.

2.11 – Pausing the Game: Please refrain from pausing the game unless it is absolutely necessary, even under yellow flag/safety car conditions it can be a huge distraction for other drivers.

2.12 – Causing Accidents: Deliberately crashing other drivers off the track or causing accidents is absolutely forbidden and may result in instant removal from the league unless proven otherwise.

2.13 – Rage Quitting: Racing is about the good times and bad but intentionally quitting a game will do more harm to a driver than good. Drivers seen doing this will be penalised by the stewards.

2.14 – Reserve Drivers: If you are a reserve driver to a division please remember that there are permanent drivers battling it out for championship positions. As a reserve driver you are responsible for upholding your driver etiquette more so than others.

3. Race Lobby

3.1 – Pre Lobby: Please ensure you are available and shown to be ‘online’ at least 15 minutes before the start of an event so race organisers can send invites out and get drivers into a lobby. If you are running late please inform an admin of any problems.

3.2 – Lobby Etiquette: Do not ready up before the organiser/streamer tells you and do not assign yourself to another team unless you have been told to or are a reserve driver.

3.3 – Connection Issues: Please check your connection is acceptable when joining a lobby. Race organisers reserve the right to restart the lobby if they feel the need to.

3.4 – Readying Up Early: After qualifying has finished and when on the tyre strategy screen please DO NOT press B and allow 5 minutes for drivers to have toilet breaks etc. Any driver who readies up before hand will be given an instant qualifying ban for the next race.

4. Points System

4.1 – Points System Used: A performance based system will be used across all divisions in TIR from 1st down to 20th and also points given to the top ten from qualifying. A single extra point will also be awarded to the driver in the top 10 who has the fastest lap. See below for more details.


1st 45
2nd 36
3rd 32
4th 28
5th 26
6th 24
7th 22
8th 20
9th 18
10th 16
11th 14
12th 12
13th 10
14th 8
15th 6
16th 5
17th 4
18th 3
19th 2
20th 1
Fastest Lap (Top 10) 1


1st 10
2nd 9
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1

4.2 – Disconnections and DNF’s: If a driver disconnects during a race and cannot get back in or DNF’s no points are awarded.

4.3 – Mass Disconnections: If there is a major disconnect of the lobby the race organiser(s) will take the result from when the problem happened. This also includes game glitches which has happened in the past. If there is a problem which cant be resolved early on in the race then a decision will be made by the the race organiser(s) to restart the race. If this happens then the qualifying positions will be set to what they were and its the responsibility of the driver to start on the tyre they qualified on in Q2. Any driver which does not use their Q2 qualification tyre will be penalised by the stewards.

5. Season

5.1 – Season Format: Each season will have 11 races. Australia to Austria, Silverstone to Abu Dhabi respectively.

5.2 – Missing Races: Missing a race from time to time is normal, if you can’t attend a certain race please let a TIR admin know so a reserve driver can fill your spot. Missing 3 races could result in your removal from that division and the spot given to another driver. A reasonable excuse may be considered by an admin.

5.2 – Pulling out Mid-Season: Sometimes schedules can change so if you need to pull out of a division mid-season please let an admin know as soon as possible so changes can be made.

5.3 – Removal of a Track: As with online games some tracks can be more of a hinderance to include in a calendar and sometimes will be easier to just be removed from the season rather than race. If this is the case the admins will keep all drivers updated on any changes.

6. Incidents

6.1 – TIR Stewards: Each division will have 2 stewards assigned to them. All clips and recordings must be sent to these stewards no longer than 24 hours after the race finish. Any clips sent after this allocated time will not be considered in any decisions they make. Remember, a stewards decision is final.

6.2 – In-Game Clips: In-game clips can be recorded using the ‘Xbox Clip’ feature and sent to the respective division stewards. This evidence is then used by the stewards and penalties given out if a steward deems a driver is at fault.
6.3 – Streams: If incidents are captured by the streamer these can also used as evidence for the division stewards when making their decisions.
6.4 – Preliminary Results: A preliminary race result will be posted after a race has finished. No more than 48 hours after this a ‘Final Result’ will be updated with a ‘Stewards Report’ onto the event page with any driver position changes updated and point changes amended.

7. TIR Licence

7.1 – Detail: Every driver from the start of season 3 will be issued with a Total Impact Racing licence. This licence can carry a maximum of 15 points. After 11 races any licence with points acquired will be awarded with a new ‘clean’ licence. If any driver is deemed not to be trying to keep points at a minimum can have their points carried over if admins/stewards seem fit.

7.2 – Points: Points are acquired on a drivers licence if they meet certain criteria during a stewards inquiry. This includes 2 points for impeding in qualification, 3 points if they are given a 5 second penalty by the stewards and 5 points if they are given a 10 second penalty. Stewards can also give more/less points depending serious the incident is.

7.3 – Reprimands: When a driver reaches a certain amount of points on their licence they will be given a qualification or race ban. 12 points acquired = Qualification Ban. 15 points acquired = Race Ban.

8. Behaviour

8.1 – League Responsibility: Total Impact Racing is all about the community and conducting yourself in a respectful manner towards other drivers. If there is a incident on track please let the stewards deal with this. Banter is banter but please refrain from ‘Bad Mouthing’ other drivers on stream or on Facebook, any issues you have either keep them private or speak to a league admin. Any comments or actions towards another driver that is in the public domain may result in a drivers removal from the league with immediate effect.