Interview with F50 Max

F50 Max – TIR Admin, Division 1 Williams and Performance League Driver.

We welcome to the hot seat Mr Max Skillen, Division 1 Williams Superstar and Performance League Driver. This guy recently joined the TIR Admin Panel for the purpose of graphics and has he filled his purpose? Oh yes! Fast driver and solid all round lad. Take the seat son.

F50 Max

Q) Yo Max!, hope you don’t mind me calling you that. Firstly, being accepted into the TIR admin team is a great honour and Total Impact Racing welcomes you with open arms. Understandably it’s tough being part of an admin team with so many drivers and demands but the fruits of our labour out weigh the effort. How do you think TIR is coming along?

Hey Gareth, thank you for having me on.
It is a pleasure to be part of the admin team, being an admin is hard sometimes but it’s rewarding to see your work pay off. The state of TIR is great, If I compare TIR when I joined at the end of season one to TIR today all the divisions are much more competitive, we have our own website and a presence on social media, the Super Cup has been a blast and we are going to have two of our drivers who are going to represent TIR in the Emblem E-sports trophy soon. We have a lot of dedicated people who take time off to race or stream and have a good time. I’m proud to be a part of it.

Q) You’re sitting pretty in Division 1 at the moment. In regards to the other top drivers in the division how do you feel about your second half of the season?

I have been pretty lucky to be in 3rd right now, ever since my win in Australia it has been a tough few races plagued by inconsistency, incompetent strategy calls and mistakes which cost me results but I’m looking forward to Monaco, Baku, Canada and Austria. I’m a big fan of driving around street circuits and short tracks so I’m hoping to get some decent results around them.

Monaco GP

Q) It’s great to see a Williams at the top. Fan’s have been demanding if we could ask you what equipment you run…. Wheel, Pad… did you start on assists etc.. elaborate?

 I have a Logitech G920 steering wheel and I run with abs, racing line and just recently I have been running without traction control, It’s hard to get to grips without Traction control and it will take me a long time to get comfortable but the potential is huge, I want to go faster and be at the sharp end of the grid.

Logitech G920

Q) Newly assigned to the Performance League as a permanent driver, what brought you to Performance and how do you feel you will fair?

When Beer commentates the performance races he always mentions that the performance league is a underappreciated division and I 100% agree with him. The concept of the performance league is great, we have the fast drivers in slow cars and the slow drivers in fast cars which balances the performance and it provides some quality racing. When there was an opportunity to potentially race permanently for the performance league I went for it!

Q) When did you start playing F1 games.. If you can expand on that, what year would be your favourite release?

I first started playing Racing games on the PS2 when I was about 5 years old with Gran Turismo 3 and 4, two of my favourite racing games of all time but my first ever F1 game I played was F1 2005 and I remember always coming home from school and played it with my dad. I was a big Sauber fan right up until they became Alfa Romeo so that was my team of choice to race with in the F1 games. I switched to the Xbox and played all the Codies F1 games except F1 2014 and 2015 because they were terrible games. My personal favourite F1 game Is F1 2017 as it introduced me to league racing and I had good times with it.

Bringing back the memories.

Q) Max thank you, one last question if that’s alright. Being a short season of 11 races and the performance points system being implemented, do you think this is a fairer way of doing things and keep drivers engaged?

 I think TIR is in great spot right now, the only thing I would change personally is to remove the qualifying points system and maybe go back to the regular top 10 points system but that is just my opinion and it’s only a short season so we can afford to experiment with the points and rules to see what works or not. Despite that I’m very happy on the direction that TIR is going and hopefully we have a bright future!

Max, thank you so much for giving us your time in the Q&A seat and we wish you all the best in future races.