Interview with TIR Dragoon

Interview conducted by GeorgeBale (TIR Reporter) 

It’s the Division 4 Speedster TIR Dragoon who is currently sitting in a well respected 11th. Welcome to the Total Impact Racing/eSports Drivers Interview.

Q) Welcome Dragoon, we know you’ve been eager to get a interview with us, could you tell us how you’re doing and how you’re feeling in Total Impact Racing?

Yeah I wasn’t doing well at all, I nearly *quit* at the start of the season. I relied on Australia, China and Bahrain to get a boost because I knew Vietnam and Holland was coming up, where I was weak. But a podium finish in Singapore performance on a Wednesday in the Mercedes, initially I thought of all the tracks being in a Mercedes is a waste of time due to the low rake and a longer chassis but I got podium, which was actually amazing! Singapore is a circuit where you can’t overtake and your hands, legs and 

muscles hurt, but that was performance. The Monday after I was in Spain in Division 4 and I got a podium, then Monaco came along, qualified 15th I think out of Q1 with a crash, 14 drivers in, 

but I left my grid spot wanting to be on podium.* -_- *I won monaco from 4th last year so to finish P2 from 15th this year is immense, I think if I overtook the two guys in front who had pens and I didn’t, and I knew Adam had a 3 second penalty I would of won 2 monaco races in a row. I was bottom of the league, but a 3rd and 2nd have lifted me to 11th in the league with 2 points separating me from my team mate at Mclaren in 10th. I’m feeling good now heading into Azerbaijan, I love the track, but a podium would be nice again.

Q) Looking back at your season, I’ve seen you’re doing really well in Division 4, how long have you been racing for now?

I’ve been racing since 2016, wasn’t great in them years and didn’t have the greatest set ups. Got disqualified for a whole season which wasn’t great at all, but this year or the last couple years it’s been great! I won’t give up and I will fight, I love my fellow drivers but on track that goes out the window and I will fight for the podium no matter what!

Q) It’s a very close battle with you and your teammate VRF1 Senna, your best finish being 2nd which is phenomenal, and his being 3rd, do you communicate with each other during race day?

Yeah Senna has taken over my previous team mate who was Ryan, who we worked very well at Renault and now Mclaren. At Renault, we both had a pre-race poo 💩 on a Monday but yeah Senna came in.

 I’ve raced with him before and I know him from other leagues, he missed Monaco for what ever reason but yeah we communicate well. We both jump in a Division 5 lobby and talk throughout so I’m happy at Mclaren and I’m very happy with my team mate.

Q) Could you tell us a bit about what assists you use, if you use any of course and if you do, can you see yourself turning any off?

I use medium traction, racing line, but I will nominate a day where I’ll practice with no assist in TT! I’ve had to pull out of performance due to health issues so practicing no assist might be on the back foot, not decided yet.

TIR Dragoon's Rating

‘TRL Limitless’

Q) Following up from the last question, what setup do you have, we all wanna know?!

I’m not sure what you mean by the follow up, but if you wanna know set up I have and how much I’ve spent then her ya go! *I have spent £1k on a F1 seat, £400 on a wheel and over £300 on a wireless head set. Bring it!

Q) Do you have a driver in Total Impact Racing that you’re looking up to, I’m really interested to know?

I look up to an Ex Driver who was Towley, now-a days I don’t look up to anyone, but there’s a few in Div 1 that I keep my eye on.

Thank you for taking your time and we all wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the season.

GeorgeBale (TIR Co-Reporter)