Interview with TIR FLAVOR

TIR FLAVOR – Division 5, Performance League Driver with a long standing loyalty to the league.

Here he is.. the dark horse himself, TIR FLAVOR. Previously known as FlavourfulHorse this guy may not be the quickest around the track but what he brings to Total Impact Racing is that dedication too improve and respect. Great to have him in the hot seat this week, welcome MR FLAVOR.

Q) It’s really good to have you in here for the driver interviews, we really appreciate it. First of all could you tell us a little about yourself and how you found TIR?

Thanks Gareth. I’m Martyn (TIR FLAVOR) formerly (FlavorfulHorse3), I’m 51 married to my amazing wife Sam, who I’ve been with for 19yrs including 2 teenage daughters, I’m a lucky man. I suffered a medical emergency 23yrs ago which resulted in me not working for the last 10yrs .. which is why im on xbox in the first place (pure escapism). I learnt of TIR last year through Jordan and Nick ( feraBird, Zoumer/Taylor 96 and my TIR career was launched.

Q) You have the dedication and determination we all envy, I remember you spinning out every corner, making mistakes and causing accidents. The driver you have become is a vast improvement to the past, could you tell us how this league and yourself has improved your race craft?

Thank you I appreciate that. I had a few trial races to begin with and was put in the lowest division ( i think it was div4) . But i wasn’t very good always at the back geting lapped multiple times . Rightly after a series of races i was taken out of Div4, and put in the shortlived mentor scheme which taught me alot having experienced drivers like TirHaze & FeraBird helping,advising me . I remember the first race i got lapped 8 times . I think it was then that i wanted to take this seriously. So i went and bought a 2nd hand Thrustmaster Tmx wheel & pedals .(Q4) made myself a wooden rig . And I’ve gradually got faster and better taking all advice when given . I think im getting more confident all the time .

Q) Being part of the Redbull Racing team in Division 5 is an undertake in itself, despite being close to the bottom of the table are you feeling optimistic about the future?

Firstly I want to say how much I love and respect this TIR community which I feel privileged to be part of. I was very exited before the start of this season, sort of expecting to be a surprise package. Its been harder than I thought because the quality of depth in div5 is frighteningly good. I started reasonably well, getting to Q3 in Bahrain. I then I began chopping and changing my camera angles and visuals all the time (not good), I’ve now had the same one for a few weeks and i think my performances have been solid but under performed in some ways. I know I have a top ten in me for me its just a matter of time until I do (hopefully this season). I’ve had some help recently from SchumacherS57 and Taylor96 which has given me a lot of confidence to go quicker and compete . My aim always is to be a clean racer and hopefully this shows in the races so far this season . There is alot to come from me.



The Flavor Set-Up

Q) Tell us, are you controller or wheel?

Wheel 😂 I love my wheel . A torsion spring (throttle pedal) snapped on a Tuesday afternoon. I thought I would miss the upcoming performance race and maybe more . Luckily I found some T3PA pedals for sale about 12 miles away, so me and my eldest went and got the pedals. Then the car broke down on the way back . The RAC got us home in time for the performance race. Thats the thing with this league I don’t want to miss anything!

Q) Bring us up to date about your history with racing games, where did you start and have you always been a fan of F1?

I remember the first home spectrum (just a little keyboard). We used to go to amusement arcades to race on wheels (on F1 style games). My first racing game was Gran Turismo on PS1 & PS2 . This is my 3rd F1 game on the Xbox & Xbox1.

Q) Talking about F1 which team do you follow and are you looking forward to the new season?

Yes I’ve always been a fan and we’ve religiously watched every race as a family for 16yrs. My eldest daughter (a published author) who has autism( asperger’s syndrome ), has been a massive fan of F1 and Max Verstappen, she now wants to have a carreer in F1 journalism. I’m so proud. I am excited for the new F1 season to start and think Lewis will show is class one more time but I don’t think he will have it his own way and run away with it. The red bulls will be strong, Perez and Verstappen. I think max will have his best season so far and In fact there is alot of exciting partnership’s up and down the grid. Ironically to witness Sebastian Vettel win a race now means the pressure is off him to win races. Also the McLarens will stay on there improvement curve. So the answer to your question is YES 😂 #TIRforever #❤TIR.

Thanks so much for the Interview and we wish your Daughters success in journalism and also yourself in TIR.