Interview with TIR Haze

TIR co-reporter GeorgeBale.

So today we have Division 2 Thoroughbred Superstar, ‘The Diva Queen’ TIR HAZE! This has been an interview we have been wanting for a while now and finally we can sit down with you, have a chat about your season so far at Total Impact Racing/eSports.

Q) You’ve been picked to drive the AlphaTauri for season 3, what’s the chemistry like with your teammate Gazzaburgess?

First of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed. I like to think me and Gazza get on really well! We can have a laugh but also help each other on track when needed. We both had a break coming into this season so to slowly see him getting better results each race is nice to see. 

Q) Being one of a few female racing drivers for Total Impact Racing, and one of the quickest I must say. 🙂 Where do you see yourself by Season 4?

Yes, I’ve never really race with many female racers which is a shame to see as I would love more of them to get involved into league racing.. that’s a good question and it all depends how the grid is and if it changes up but I would want to go for the championship next season & the second half of the season are my stronger tracks for sure.

Q) Your currently in a championship battle, do you think you can close the gap to TeS Leclerc?

It’s not impossible but it’s a 50 or so point gap but there are 5 drivers in the fight for the championship battle so anything can happen. Good luck to them all.

Q) We ask this question to a lot of our drivers, could you tell us what setup you use. Are you on a controller or a wheel?

I’m currently using a standard controller as my razor wolverine controller isn’t working.

Q) Going back to question 4. What assists do you use, are you wanting to change anything with your assists?

Yea for sure. Hopefully when the new game comes out I’ll be moving over to the wheel.. I’ll start with the assist I’m using now which is medium traction and manual gears & corner only but I definitely want to learn no abs.

Q) You currently have no points on your TIR licence, which is something as you know we like to see, what’s your thoughts on the whole licence point system?

Why thank you! I always try & be fair & clean when it comes to racing. I like the points system but the only thing I would maybe change is to have the points licence a little higher if we went back to a full season.

Q) Wednesday night is also a big night for you, co-comms with BeerandKebabtv for the under-rated performance race. Tell us more about your Wednesday nights, in the box, watching the drivers battle for thier lives?!

I used to race in performance and I loved it! I enjoy Wednesday nights with beer. We have a laugh and get on well! I like the fact it’s all different drivers from different divisions which makes it even more fun to watch and you improve as a racer in performance due to racing with a mix different of drivers race craft and speed. This performance league is so underrated and it’s a shame to see! It needs to be recognise!

Q) The last question, as the new season is more than half way through now, where do you want to be in 4 races time and season 4?

It all depends on the grid like i said before. I’m hoping to be at least top 5 for the start of the season but we will see what happens! My goal for this season was to be top 5 by the end of it due to me having a break..

Thank you so much for your time Haze aka ‘The Diva of TIR’. We wish you all the best in the future and we hope the results come your way!

On behalf of TIR we give a special thank you to GeorgeBale for helping out with the driver interviews. It’s not over yet, more to come!